Northern Renaissance Art 58.323
Dr. Liana Cheney


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Syllabus of Lectures


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Development of Flemish and Dutch painting from the brothers Van Eyck and Roger Van der Weyden to Bosch and Breughel - from the late 14th Century to mid-16th Century. The course will also include a study of German painters of the same period: Durer, Grunewald and Holbein.

ORGANIZATION: Although class discussion is strongly encouraged, this is primarily a lecture course based upon the visual content of works of art presented by way of projected slides. Attendance is strongly recommended for every class meeting. Students are responsible for the content of all lectures and assigned reading materials.

-J. Snyder, Northern Renaissance. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1990. C. -Harbison, The Mirror of Northern Renaissance Art. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1995.
-Erwin Panofsky, The Life and Art of Albrecht Durer. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1990.
-Barbara Lane, Altars and Altarpieces. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1990.
In addition, a series of articles are placed in the Reserve Section of the O'Leary Library and others are found in the periodical section of the library.

-Erwin Panofsky, Early Netherlandish Paintings, Vol. 2. New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1970.
-W. Gibson, Bosch. New York: Oxford Press, 1990.
-W. Gibson, Breugel. New York: Oxford Press, 1990.
-J. Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages. New York: Doubleday & Company, 1990.
-G. Ferguson, Signs and Symbols. New York: Oxford Press, 1990.
For further bibliography, See Attachment II. These books with their respective call numbers are placed in the Reserve Section of the O'Leary Library.

EXAMINATIONS: There will be two quizzes - ten to fifteen minutes each - on February 11 and April 22, plus a mid-term examination on March 2, and a final exam (date to be announced). Examinations are based on specific material covered in class and on the required readings. Examinations missed without prior excuse from the instructor or excuse for medical or other emergencies obtained from the Dean of Students cannot be made up.

PAPER: There will be one paper due May 2. All late papers will penalized. The paper should be approximately 10-15 pages long, double spaced and typed with illustrations. Suggested topics will be given at the beginning of the semester, along with a general instruction sheet for form of term papers.

NOTE ON PLAGIARISM: Be careful never to copy directly or directly adapt from another author without crediting the source. General sources must be listed in a bibliography; and direct quotation or paraphrase must be footnoted. Any unacknowledged copying will receive an F for the course.

HANDOUTS: A series of xeroxed materials will be given out throughout the course in order to help you with your reading and writing assignments.

EVALUATION: The final exam will count 25% of your final semester grade. The paper will also count 25% of your final semester grade, and the two quizzes with the examinations will count 50% of your final semester grade.

MUSEUM VISITS: Students are individually responsible for visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (both in Boston) and the Fogg Art Museum (Cambridge), Worcester Art Museum (Worcester).

OPTIONAL MUSEUM VISITS: Probably during the semester the Art History Club will sponsor some field trips to the Boston Museums. Also, there will be scheduled one or two trips to New York City, Worcester and Hartford, Connecticut, in order to visit some major exhibitions or museums. You will not be penalized for not participating in these trips.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday 3:00-6:00 P.M. Also, other times by appointment. My office is in Coburn Hall, Room 201.

Feb. 5 - Quiz I. It consists of identifying visual material presented in class or included in your assigned readings. You will be required to identify the name of the artist (if known), the title of the art work, the style, the location (if architectural sculpture or architecture) and give an approximate date of the art work.
Feb. 26 - Exam I. The essay examination will be based on slide identification, slide comparisons, an attribution problem and essays.
April 8 - Quiz II. Same instruction and procedure as February 5. Notify me of your paper topic/selection. Complete Approval Form.
May 10-17 - Final Examination period. Final exam time will be announced. The final exam format will be the same as the first and second examinations. It will not be cumulative, that is to say, you will be tested on the new visual and reading material presented after the last examination.

(N.B. Assignments subject to change without previous notice)

Jan. 16 - Introduction: scope of the course, bibliography
Snyder, 15-23; Huizinga, Waning of the Middle Ages (Chapters XVIII to XXIII); Harbison, Mirror.

Jan. 18 - The International Style in Franco - Flemish book illumination
Boucault Master, Limbourg Brothers, Rohan Master, Pucelle.
Harbison, Mirror; Snyder, 23-74.
Recommended: Cuttler, 6-21; 26-40; Panofsky, pp. 51- 74, (Chapter II); Meiss, French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry, (2 vols.)

Jan. 22-23 - Art in Dijon c. 1400
Melchoir Broederlam, Jean Malouel. Ars Nova: Robert Campin (Tournai, c. 1375-1444).
Snyder, 88-119; Schapiro's article.
Recommended: Cuttler, 21-25; 70-82; Panofsky, 75-89; (Chapter III); 148-77 (Chapter VI).

Jan 25-31 - Robert Campin and Jan van Eyck (Bruges, c. 1390-1441)
Snyder, 88-119; Meiss' article; Lane's article & Ward's article.
Recommended: Cuttler, 83-106; Panofsky's article on "Painting in Italy and the Lowlands"; Panofsky, 131-48 (Chapter V), 230-46.

Feb. 1-5 - The Ghent Altarpiece
(Compare and contrast theories of Panofsky and Philip)
Snyder's article; Panofsky, 205-32; Philip, The Ghent Altarpiece & the Art of Jan van Eyck, Princeton, 1972, pp.3-52.
Recommended: 53-115.

Feb. 5 - QUIZ I

Feb. 8 - Petrus Christus (Bruges, c. 1410-1472)
Snyder, 88-119; Sterling's article.
Recommended: Cuttler, 83-107; 128- 34; Panofsky, 178-204 (Chapter IV); 308-13.

Feb. 12-15 - Roger van der Weyden, (Brussles, c. 1399-1464)
Snyder, 88-119; Ward's article on Roger; O. von Simson's article.
Recommended: Cuttler, 108-27; Panofsky, 247-302, (Chapter IX).

Feb. 20-22 - Dirc Bouts (Louvain, c. 1420-1475)
Snyder, 140-169.
Recommended: Panofsky, 314-319; Cuttler, 136-46; Joos van Ghent (Ghent, c. 1460-75); Hugo van der Goes (Ghent, 1435-82); Snyder, 169-182; Lane's article on Hugo; Koch's article.


Feb 27-29 - "Dutch" Painters of the later 15th Century
Albert van Ouwater (Haarlem, c. 1450) and Geertgen tot Sint Jans (Haarlem, 1480-95).
Recommended: Cuttler, 134-35; 161-67; Panofsky, 319-30.

Mar. 4-7 - Transition to the 16th Century: From Bruges to Antwerp
Hans Memling (Bruges c. 1440-94): Gerard David (Bruges, 1480-1523); Quentin Metsys (Antwerp, c. 1464-1530); Joachim Patinir (Antwerp, 1515-24).
Snyder, 182-195.
Recommended: Cuttler, 168-80; 190-97; 416-26; Panofsky, 345-56.

Mar. 11-15 - Spring Break

Mar. 18-19 - Hieronymus Bosch's (Hertogenbosch, 1450-1516)
Snyder, 195-218; Glum's article.
Recommended: Cuttler, 198-211; Snyder, Bosch in Perspective, New Jersey, 1972; Philip's article; Slatke's article; Gibson, Bosch.

March 21 - Library Day

Mar. 25-28 Bosch; 16th Century Romanists
Jan Gossaert (Antwerp, 1503-33) & Jan van Schorel (Utrecht, 1495-1562).
Snyder, 399-446.
Recommended: Cuttler, 427-33, 448-52.

Apr. 1-4 - Pieter Breugel, the elder (Antwerp, c. 1525-1569)
Gibson, Breugel.
Recommended: Cuttler, 469-85; Zupnick's Article; Kunzle's Article; Sullivan's Article.

Apr. 8 - Early 15th Century German Painting
Konrad van Soest (Westphalia, 1403-24); Meister Francke (Hamburg, 1415-30); Stephan Lochner (Cologne, 1442-51).
Snyder, 218-227.
Recommended: Cuttler, 51-64; 261-67.

April 8 - QUIZ II
Notify me of your paper topic.

Apr. 9 - 15th Century German Painting II
Luca Moser (1451); Konrad Witz (Basel, 1400-26); Michael Pacher (Tyrol, c. 1435-98).
Snyder, 227-239.
Recommended: Cuttler, 267-73; 284-87; Smith's article on Witz.

Apr. 11-18 - Albrecht Dürer (Nurember 1471-1528)
Snyder, 266-348.
STRONGLY recommended: Panofsky, The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer, Princeton, 1968.
Recommended: Cuttler, 317-57; Parshall's article; Harbison's article.

Apr. 22-25 - Mathis Grunewald
(Mathis, Godhardt-Niethardt, Mainz, Halle, 1470-80/1528).
Snyder, 348-57.
Recommended: Cuttler, 358-71; Hayum's article.

Apr. 29-30 - Hans Holbein, the younger
(Basel, c. 1497-1543 London).
Cuttler, 407-15; Samuel's article.
Recommended: Shickman's article.


May 2-6 - German Court Painters
Holbein in England and Lucas Cranach, the elder (Wittenberg, 1472-1553).
Snyder, 370-399.
Recommended: Cuttler, 372-87.

May 7 - Albrecht Altdorfer
(Regensberg, c. 1480-1538).
Snyder, 357-370; Cuttler, 381-87.