Practicum Experience in Art History 58-496
Dr. Liana Cheney or Marie Frank


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Syllabus of Lectures


Directed study courses are available only to art history students and may be elected provided that (1) the material to be covered is not available in departmental course offerings, (2) art history instructor is willing to undertake a directed studies course, and (3) no more than six hours of credit in the major field is acquired through registration for a completion of directed studies courses.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A program of on-campus and/or off-campus experiences for art history students only. Specific requirements will vary depending upon department policies and the nature of the program undertaken by the student. The intent of the practicum experience is to provide an occasion for investigation of a community, social, cultural or artistic area and for applying techniques of problem solving and/or credits. Students will be graded "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory." Prerequisite: permission of the Art History Coordinator or supervising art history instructor.