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Center for Electromagnetic Materials and Optical Systems

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Welcome to  CEMOS


CEMOS is located at the University of Massachusetts -- Lowell, a comprehensive University with 12,000 students. 

The Center was established in 1990 to integrate our students with the surrounding photonics industry through cutting edge research in several areas in electro-optics. 


Research and development in the Center focuses on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with materials and devices of use in microwave and optical systems and applications. Of particular interest are the following: scattering and inverse scattering, plasmas and computational electromagnetics, antennas and active antennas, optical correlators and security applications, novel materials, wave propagation and guided waves, near field microscopy, imaging and target identification, optical interconnects and superresolution.  The Center has several well equipped laboratories and offers courses for credit and training.


 The mission of CEMOS includes:
  • Continue the development of a resource center for electro-optics and electromagnetic materials, offering both systems and materials support for local industry. With this expertise, encourage and expand collaboration between the Center and industry.
  • Carry out fundamental research into scientific and engineering concepts in photonic technologies; this includes the development and characterization of new materials and the evaluation of optoelectronic devices, systems, and networks.
  • Train graduate and undergraduate students in these areas of science and engineering.


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