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Between Levinas and Heidegger





Current Courses: Currently on Leave


Sample Courses from Previous Semesters

45.201  Introduction to Philosophy

45.206  Introduction to Political Philosophy

45.203  Introduction to Ethics

45.323 Philosophy Classics: Nietzsche

45.327 Environmental Philosophy

45.336  Early Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant

45.340 (D, E) Mysticism: East and West

45.342 Critical Theory and Society: Hegel, Marx, and the Frankfurt School

45.348 Eastern Philosophy and Religion

45.351 The Problem of Evil 

45.352 Existence and Anxiety / Existentialism

45.359 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy: Kant to Nietzsche

45.371 (D, E) Buddhist and Zen Philosophy

45.372  Chinese Philosophy 

Writing and Research


Areas of Publication with Links to Select Papers


Asian and Comparative Philosophy


Buddhist Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy


European and Comparative Philosophy


Early Modern European Philosophy: Leibniz and Kant

19th-Century European Philosophy: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schleiermacher

20th-Century European and Jewish Philosophy: Buber, Levinas

Critical Social Theory; Adorno

Hermeneutics: Dilthey and Heidegger


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