Selected Writings on Twentieth-Century European and Jewish Philosophy

Eric S. Nelson


Martin Buber

[pdf in Chinese]  科技和道:布伯、海德格尔和道家 ("Technology and the Way: Buber, Heidegger and Daoism").    《 长白学刊》,2014年第1期,第5-12页 (Changbai Journal, No.1, 2014, 5-12).


Emmanuel Levinas

[pdf in Chinese] 非对称伦理学与世界公民主义宽容悖论. 吉林大学社会科学学报,2014 年第3期 , 101-107 [“Asymmetrical Ethics and the Aporias of Cosmopolitan Tolerance.” Jilin University Journal Social Sciences Edition, No.3, 2014, 101-107.]

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