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Frederick P. Lewis 

Professor Emeritus of Political Science


Past President, New England Political Science Association.     

Email Address

 A.B.  Columbia University
J.D.  Harvard Law School 
Ph.D.  Tufts University 


Constitutional Law & Politics, POLI 3350 - 061

Practicum Circle Photos: Spring '04, Fall '04, Fall '05,  Fall '06,   Spring '07,   Spring '08   Fall '08,   Spring '09     Fall '09      Spring '11   Spring '12    Spring'13


Political Science Photos and Media:

Department Banquets/Receptions: Spring 2004;  Spring 2005; Spring 2006;   Spring 2007;   Spring 2008;   Spring 2009;   Minton Dinner, Spring 2010; Reception 2011; Reception 2012Reception 2013

Moderating Debate 1991

Bergeron Retirement Poem

Minton Retirement Powerpoint

Old Political Science Video 

Political Science Video 2010  

MartyMeehanVille music video 2013
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