Technology and the Criminal Justice System

Crim 2030-201

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        Fall, 2016


Technology and the Criminal Justice System Crim 2030-201

Professor James M. Byrne            

School of Criminology and Justice Studies


This course is designed to introduce students to the latest innovations in the application of new technological advances in the criminal justice system. Topic areas include an examination of the new technology of crime commission, and the corresponding new technology of crime control strategies. Our focus will be on the application of both “hard” technology (e.g. equipment, hardware, devices, etc) and “soft” technology (e.g. computer software programs, information systems, classification devices, and other problem-solving applications) in each of the following areas: crime prevention, police, courts, institutional corrections, community corrections and the private sector.


            Assignments and weekly schedule of activities:  See Schedule  on my University's faculty webpage for a detailed schedule of weekly assignments, readings and topics. The schedule link is below: Please be sure to check the weekly schedule for reading assignments from text and online links.

TEXTS: The following text is required:

Byrne, James and Rebovich, Donald (2007) The New Technology of Crime, Law and Social Control. Monsey New York: Criminal Justice Press.

            PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to the text, students will read material available from the class website and/or at website links identified in class. Here is the materials link:


 Final grades will be determined by the following:

Classroom Behavior:   No cell phone use, laptops for note taking only.

CONTACTING THE INSTRUCTOR: Office: HSS Fourth Floor, South Campus

Office: 978-934-3992

Office Hours: Fall,2016 Semester

1-4 pm Tuesday and Thursday (12:15-1:15)by appt.

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