Welcome to the Garb Lab

Members of the Garb Lab

Members of the Garb Lab Summer 2014: (front row, left to right) Erin Sullivan, Jessica Garb, Kerry Gendreau, Alfred Lutaaya, Robert Haney; (back row, left to right) Justin Tometich, Jaszyel Cruz


Our next-generation de-novo transcriptome of the black widow spider co-published in two sister papers in BMC GenomicsClarke et al. and Haney et al. uncover a range of new proteins specifically produced in silk and venom glands.  See also BioMed Central blog post. and news article in Wired UK.

Research in the Garb Lab is broadly aimed at understanding biological evolution, from the molecular level to species diversification, and employs empirical approaches that integrate systematic biology, molecular evolution, genomics and ecology.  We specialize in spiders, one of the most species-rich animal groups, and our current projects largely concern the evolution of genes encoding venom and silk proteins. The direct link between venom and silk genes and their ecological utility make them excellent models for investigating the role of genomic changes in organismal adaptation and lineage diversification.