In 2012, I gave a talk at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute entitled Wild Beauty: Postcards from Mathematical Worlds. The website for the event as a whole has links to the images featured in my talk, created by mathematicians Jeremie Bettinelli, Alexander Holroyd, Richard Kenyon, Lionel Levine, Jason Miller, Perla Sousi, David Wilson, and Ben Young.

In 2013, I gave a talk at Carleton College with the same name: Wild Beauty: Postcards from Mathematical Worlds. It's a very similar talk. The sound quality isn't as good as the 2012 version, but my presentation is much better (I'm looking at the audience instead of my notes!).

In 2013, in conjunction with the UMass Lowell Honors Program, I gave a short explanation of my approach to teaching Honors Calculus.

In 2014, I gave three talks through ICERM, entitled Negative Numbers in Combinatorics: Geometrical and Algebraic Perspectives, Derandomizing randomness with rotor routers, and Circumventing Schmidt's bound on discrepancy using tapered estimators.

In 2016, I gave two talks at the 11th Gathering for Gardner: The Programmable Galton Board: A Shameless Shill and Conway's Impact on the Theory of Random Tilings.

If you type my name into YouTube, you'll find several videos that were created Google Hangout on Air as a way of conducting teleconference meetings of my research group "EQL" (short for "Exploring Quasirandomness at Lowell").


In 2007, I did a half-hour interview on the now-defunct WUML Sunrise radio program (WUML is the UMass Lowell radio station). You can hear me talk about the nature of mathematical proof and other things.