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Here you will learn all about my research and the courses I offer

My group studies devices based on nanoscale stuctures. Current projects include:

Photosensors based on quantum dots: These devices are capable of detecting the spectrum of the light falling on the detector without the use of an optical filter. Applications include hyperspectral imaging as well as spread spectrum communications for on-chip and intra-chip optical interconnects

Highly sensitive cantilever mass sensors using carbon nanotubes: These sensors have applications in biosensing and environmental monitoring. Our focus at the moment is on developing fast, sensitive assays.

Development of specialized cantilevers for high speed AFM: In collaboration with Professor Schmidt in Plastics Engineering, we have a unique mathod for forming cantilevers with practically any arbitraty geometry. This allows us to create cantilevers that would be difficult, if not impossible to make using standard methods. With greater flexibility in the structures, we are aiming to fabricate cantolevers that have similar dimensions to current AFM cantilevers, but have resonant frequencies in the MHz range.

Graphene synthesis: Graphene holds a lot of promise as a material for device fabrication. Similar to nanotubes, it can be made to be a conductor or semiconductor. However, unlike nanotubes, the planar nature of the graphene (think of an unrolled nanotube) may allow for greater control of this quality.

I am also working in collaboration with Professor Akyurtlu on the fabrication of metamaterials

Si NPS as seen by AFM
Carbon nanotube in STM AFM Image of nanoparticles
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