Honors Students' Reading Assignments

Objectives: Honors students will gain experience in reading and discussing literature related to global change and environmental pollution.

Tasks: Students will locate articles pertaining to the course, will read these articles, and will lead a discussion of the article during a separate time period that is independent of the normal lecture period. A one hour time period will be scheduled approximately every other week during the semester. The honors section of the class will account for 20% of the total grade, i.e., will replace the term paper in the grading scheme used for graduate students. The table below is a schedule of instructor-student meetings.

Student leading Discussion
Assignment (Paper to Discuss)
March 6
Determining the natural length of the current interglacial

March 20


1. Polar Bears (Shalini)
2. Hansen CO2 Paper (Nathan)
3. CO2 Sequestration (Heather)

April 10
Nanostructure Architectures for Solar Energy



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