Graduate Student Papers

Graduate students (enrolled in 81.523) will compose a double-spaced, 8-page 12 point font (times or time new roman), 1.0 in margins paper on a topic of their choosing. Select a topic by April 6th, but this needs to be approved by Dr. Hines. Pick a topic that is an important issue in global climate change or biogeochemistry, in general. You must use mostly primary literature (original research papers). Web sites cannot be used. The 8 pages is text. If you use tables and graphics, that will be in addition to the 8 pages, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! DO NOT COPY AND PASTE INFORMATION FROM WEB SITES. IN FACT, DO NOT CITE WEB SITES AY ALL. ALL TEXT MUST BE IN Y0UR OWN WORDS AND ALL BORROWED IDEAS MUST BE REFERENCED. REFER TO THE REGISTRAR WEBSITE FOR THE DEFINITION OF PLAGIARISM AND PENALTIES. YOU WILL RECIEVE A ZERO IF YOU PLAGIARIZE. You may want to use a general text to get a feel for the topic, but it is expected that the literature that is cited will be mostly primary. Only use general texts for overview. Try to use recent literature. Use library on-line search engines to get started if you want. Once you have a few recent articles, the flood gates will open since you can use the references therein to find more and more. Use a minimum of 15 references. Try to devote a portion of the paper to generalities about your topic, but get to the "meat" relatively early.

All references are to be cited in the text (e.g., Hines, 2006; Hines et al., 1982; Hines et al., 2001) and full references listed at the end.

Hines, M.E., 2006. Microbially mediated redox cycling at the oxic–anoxic boundary in sediments: comparison of animal and plants habitats. Water Air Soil Pollution: Focus, 6: 523-536.

Hines, M.E., Orem, W.H., Lyons, W.B. and Jones, G.E., 1982. Microbial activity and bioturbation-induced oscillations in pore water chemistry of estuarine sediments in spring. Nature, 299: 433-434.

Hines, M.E., Visscher, P.T. and Devereux, R., 2001. Sulfur cycling. In: C.J. Hurst, G.R. Knudsen, M.J. McInerney, L.D. Stetzenbach and M.V. Walter (Editors), Manual for Environmental Microbiology, 2nd Edition. American Society for Microbiology Press, Washington, DC, pp. 427-438.

All papers are due on May 1st. ALSO, SUBMIT A DIGITAL COPY TO TURNITIN.COM.

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