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UML Mathematical Sciences Seminars

UMass Lowell Math Seminars  

Spring 2015

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar series generally meets Thursdays at 2:30 and is coordinated by Raj Prasad (978) 934-2711. We welcome anyone who would propose to speak as part of this seminar.

Date Time Location Speaker Title
February 5
2:30 Olney 212 Lee Jones (UML) Multi-objective Optimization Principles for Robust Traffic Network Control in Dynamic or Equilibrium Cases
February 12
2:30 Olney 212 Alex Iosevich (U. Rochester) Distribution of simplexes in fractal domains
February 26
2:30 Olney 212 Charles Byrne (UML) Iterative Convex Optimization Algorithms; Part Two: Without the Baillon--Haddad Theorem
February 27
3:00 Olney 212 Min Hyung Cho (Dartmouth College) Waves in Multilayered Media
March 5
2:30 Olney 212 Hung Phan (UML) On the convexity of piecewise-defined functions
March 26
2:30 Olney 212 Charles Byrne (UML) Iterative Convex Optimization Algorithms; Part One: Using the Baillon--Haddad Theorem
April 3
3:00 Olney 212 Deepak Ayyala (The Ohio State University) Mean vector testing for high dimensional dependent observations
April 9
2:30 Olney 212 Ravi Montenegro (UML) Collision of random walks and its application to birthday type attacks on the discrete logarithm problem
April 15
2:30 Olney 518 Mark Kon The Marr conjecture and uniqueness of wavelet transforms
April 23
2:30 Olney 212 Joshua Levy About a new class of infinite variance, self-similar processes having non-stationary increments
April 30
2:30 Olney 212 M. Shubov and Lee Jones TBA
in April/May
TBA TBA Math Majors Senior Seminar Poster Session