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There are three 75 minute exams throughout the semester. Exam 1 coverage is factoring and solutions of equations and sections 1.1 to 1.6. It is on Monday Feb. 6th  at 6:30pm.   Exam 2 coverage is tentatively sections 2.1-3.7. It is on Monday March. 6th at 6:30pm.  Exam 3 coverage is tentatively sections 3.8-4.8.  It is on Monday April. 10st at 6:30pm. Make arrangements for these exam times.  Only documented medical/personal reasons will allow for a make-up. No calculators or cheat sheets allowed!  Students with documented reasons for extra time will take exams on the same day at 5:00pm location to be named later.



Note: The following files have problems that indicate the types of questions you might see on an exam.  They do not represent the length of an actual exam.   Also, material not in these files but in the book is still fair game for testing. 


Extra Problems on Lines and Parabolas

Exam 1 Practice Problems       (Solutions)

Exam 2 Practice Problems

 Exam 3 Practice Problems

Final Exam Practice Problems


Differentiability and Continuity
Product and Quotient Rules
Chain Rule Part I   Chain Rule Part II  
Absolute Max and Min Values of Functions
Optimization I     Optimization II
Implicit Differentiation
The Geometry of Functions using Derivatives
l'Hôpitals Rule
Logarithmic Differentiation
Newton's Method
Related Rates


Notes about Exam 1.  The first exam is given right at the beginning of the semester and it covers most of the material that was in your placement exam. This is intentional. Not only does it give you a 2 week review of the background material you need, it acts as another gauge to tell you whether or not you should possibly move to Calculus 1A.  If you fail the first exam we strongly recommend you move to a Calculus 1A section.  They meet at the same time and it's easy to change sections. the math dept administrative assistant will be happy to help you out.



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