Hochberg Laboratory for the Study of Microscopic Invertebrate Diversity

Videos of Invertebrates

Below is a collection of short digital videos of some unusual and interesting microscopic animals. Feel free to download them and use them for teaching purposes.

Annelida - Chaetogaster limnaei limnaei - an ectosymbiotic oligochaete living inside the mantle cavity of freshwater snails (Menetus sp.). Video (MOV, 1.5 Mb) shows multiple individuals feeding on epiphytes as the snail moves along.
Aplacophora (Mollusca) - Video (MOV, 1 Mb) of Meiomenia collected off the coast of Fort Pierce, FL.

Halammohydra (Cnidaria) - there are two videos showing the graceful movement of this interstitial hydroid. Video1 is a closeup of the cnidarian (AVI, 4.9 Mb). Video2 shows its movement among sand grains (AVI, 2.2 Mb).

Holothuroidea (Echinodermata) - Video (AVI, 6.6 Mb) of a tiny, interstitial sea cucumber. The animal was collected offshore at Capron Shoals, Fort Pierice, Florida.

Phylactolaemata (Ectoprocta) - One video (AVI, 5.9 Mb) of a freshwater ectoproct showing the horseshoe-shaped lophophore.

Phylactolaemata (Ectoprocta) - Video (MOV, 2.3 Mb) of a small gelatinous colony of Pectinatella magnifica.
Gastrotricha - Video (MOV, 1 Mb) of Xenodasys riedli (Macrodasyida) from Capron Shoals, Florida.

Kinorhyncha - Two videos of an interstitial kinrhynch collected offshore of Florida. Video1 (AVI, 3.4 Mb) shows the whole kinrhynch. Video2 (MOV, 6.9 Mb) shows the kinorhynch slowly everting its proboscis.

Tardigrada - Video (AVI, 6.9 Mb) of a marine interstitial tardigrade attempting to walk on the underside of a coverslip.

Rotifera - Platyias patulus - Video 1 is movement within a parthenogenetic egg (MOV, 5.7 Mb) and Video 2 is movement of the mastax in an adult (MOV, 9.6 Mb).

Rotifera - Sinantherina socialis - Video (MOV, 4.9 Mb) of colony movement on a blade of submerged grass.

Rotifera - Collotheca? Video (1.6 Mb) of this unusual sedentary species.




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