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Topics: Henry David Thoreau; Mohandas K. Gandhi, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody; Lydia Maria Child; American government; political dissent; civil rights; non-resistance; civil disobedience; slavery; Mexican War; Massachusetts history; Concord, Massachusetts

Henry David Thoreau, "Resistance to Civil Government" (1847) 


Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

Elizabeth Peabody described by Lilian Whiting, Boston Days

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Christian Non-Resistance, by Adin Ballou

Lydia Maria Child, "On the Duty of Disobedience," 1860 

Report of the Civil Disobedience Enquiry Committee, 1922 

Google: Timeline results for "civil disobedience, Gandhi, 1840-2009.

Civil Rights Arrest, Alabama 1963

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The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, Davidson Library, University of California Santa Barbara.

About Thoreau, The Thoreau Society.

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U.S.- Mexican War, PBS.   U.S. - Mexican War, Descendants of Mexican War Veterans.

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Echoing Thoreau in the 1960's, Multimedia Thoreau, UMass Lowell/Thoreau Society.

African-American Odyssey: The Civil Rights Era, Part One: Sit-Ins, Freedom Rides, and Demonstrations, Library of Congress.

Freedom Singers, "Fighting For My Rights," Newport Broadside, 1963 (Vanguard Records, 1991). (excerpt .mp3)

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