Prof. Viktor A. Podolskiy

vp photoProf. Viktor Podolskiy earned his B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology in 1998, followed by M.S. in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Physics from New Mexico State University in 2001 and 2002 respectively. Upon completion of Ph.D. program, Dr. Podolskiy joined Electrical Engineering Department of Princeton University as Post Doctoral Research Associate. Between Sep 2004 and Dec.2009 Dr. Podolskiy worked at Physics Department of Oregon State University as Assistant Professor, and later as Associate Professor. In Jan 2010 Dr. Podolskiy joined University of Massachusetts Lowell where he is currently a Professor and Assistant Chair of the Department of Physics and Applied Physics and an Acting Director of the Photonics Center.

Dr. Podolskiy’s research is focused on theory and modeling of optical properties of nano- and micro-structured composites, metamaterials, and plasmonic systems. He has presented over 80 invited talks, and co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications, over 60 conference proceedings, and 3 US patents

Dr. Podolskiy is a Fellow of the Optical Society (OSA)

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