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Professor V.S. Prasad


Department of Mathematical Sciences

College of Science, U Mass Lowell


Vita (Nov 2010) (pdf) and Talks

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In order to order this book you can visit amazon.com.  At 655 words per dollar, it's a bargain at twice the price!

For the Table of Contents (or to order from CUP) click Cambridge University Press,


Selected Reprints

Publication List as of 2006 (from MathSciNet):

Math Reviews of my papers (downloaded from MathSciNet).

See my book: with S. Alpern (London School of Economics)

Typical Dynamics of Volume Preserving Homeomorphisms

published by Cambridge University Press, Tracts in Mathematics series Volume 139. Klaus Schmidt has reviewed this book for Monatshefte fur Mathematik.  Click here for the review


All students, regardless of which courses they take should print out the following collection of common math errors.  One stop solutions to all your calculus questions at  calc.org (http://www.calculus.org).  Here is link to a collection of all purpose math links provided by the McGraw Hill Publishers - enjoy.  Some of my students like this SOS site  for algebra help.

Here is a nice supplement, written by Marty Guterman (Tufts), on sign diagrams (for determining where functions are positive or negative).  Find your favorite numbers here.  For some experiments with Fibonacci numbers and pi

For some really cool math visit the geometry junkyard.  Are you up to the challenge presented by these puzzles?  Visit the MAA's Math Digital Library.

Math regularly appears in The Simpsons at simpsonsmath.com (their writers took plenty of math).  Get your Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide T-shirts and learn why we should support this cause (for another point of view visit the Hydrogen Hydroxide site).  I enjoy Clifford Pickover's ESP experiment.  For sheer joy and fun in math, music, and art become a fan of  Vi Hart and her blog - I especially adore her doodles, but it's all fun.

The Department Fax number is 978-934-3053.  If you cannot get through try the DEAN'S fax number 978-934-3003.

Summer 2011

Here is the Calc III homepage. 

Here is the  Engineering Differential Equations  (92.236) homepage


Spring 2011

 Calculus C 92.225 students - this is your homepage.

Here is the  Engineering Differential Equations  (92.236) homepage


Fall 2010

Here is the link to the graduate Real Analysis 92.501 course. 

Here is the link to the Mathematical Analysis 92.503 (teacher option) course.

Calc D (92.226) students - this is your homepage.


Summer I (2010)

Here is the Calc III homepage. 

Here is the Engineering Differential Equations  (92.236) homepage.

Spring 2010

92.570  Probability and Statistics (Teacher Option) (meets in OH522 from 2/2)

92.126  Calculus B

Summer I (2009)

Here is the Calc III homepage. 

Here is the Engineering Differential Equations  (92.236) homepage.


Spring 09:

Differential Equations  92.236

Calculus C 92.225

Fall 08:

Differential Equations  92.236 and 92.234

Real Analysis (note this is new syllabus and text - different from previous years) 92.305

MathLab Info (LaTeX, Tablets, and Mathematica)

Great stuff about Tablet PC's in education, as well as links to other tablet sites can be found at http://www.studenttabletpc.com/

Need to write a paper.  What should you put in, and how should it be organized?  Here are some suggestions from Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft Research.  A good collection of advice on writing and research can be found at this link.  More good advice on presentations and writing a thesis can be found in this article from SIAM on Communicating Applied Math.

The technical mechanics of putting mathematics to paper in a beautiful way using LaTeX follows:

First a short guide to LaTeX


and a not so short guide


and LaTeX's real strength in processing mathematics (a short guide using AMS symbols)


A short article

Learning Latex by doing

Winston Chang has made the following very useful 2 page cheat sheet for LaTeX:

Cheat Sheet for LaTeX

Finally, here is a guide to inserting fancy diagrams in LaTeX using the xy-pic package


Here are the files for Frank Langenbrenner's notes on LaTeX

  1. Basic Components and Essentials of LaTeX
  2. Formatting and terms for Page Layout
  3. Figures and Tables
  4. Mathematics formatting
  5. Transparencies and LaTeX
  6. BibTeX and MakeIndex
  7. Useful Things

And here is our sample tex file I've been working on over the term


Let's use Beamer documentclass to give a short talk about the Bridges of Konigsberg.  First download

Template for a short 15-40 min talk with a couple of graphics.  Here is the BeamerUserGuide (a pdf file).  Here are Euclid's beamer presentations, Euclid 1, Euclid 2 and Euclid 3

Here is short guide to using MathSciNet.  The guide was written in 2000, and very recently the user interface to MathSci changed, so although the pictures in the guidebook may look different from what you'll see now, the essentials and the functions in using MathSci are all still the same.  Here's a short one page intro to MathSci Net that is all you will need.

Here is a Zipped File for all of the MapleEssentials that you'll need to get going.  I also recommend the link from MAPLE where you can find tons of especially designed worksheets for almost anything you'd like to use Maple to do for at


Here is the Maple worksheet which I've been going through in class for you:  FirstMaplesheet.mws

Spring 08:

Differential Equations Homepage  92.236.201, 203

Andover High students, here is your Calc III homepage.

Real Analysis Homepage and Lecture Notes.

Summer I, 07:

Engineering Differential Equations homepage.

Spring 07:

Business Calc students, the link to the 92.122  (MWF OH 204, 11: 30 section) course home page, schedule etc will be posted here by the weekend.  Here are some practice tests (including last year's final) Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Final

Calc II students, the course home page has all of the homework problems listed.  For our section some notes on how we are grading 92.132.204.  Here is Test 1

Andover High students, the Differential Equations homepage is here.

Fall 06:

Differential Equations Homepage

Real Analysis Homepage and Lecture Notes.

Calc III homepage.

Spring 2006:

Calculus II Section 204: for the students in my section here is our own section specific homepage.  Be sure to visit the course home page at Calc II.

Click on Differential Equations for the DE homepage.

Andover High School students:  Here is your home page for Calc III

Fall 2005:

Click on Differential Equations for the DE homepage.

92.305 Real Analysis  Meets MWF 10:30-11:20 in OH 521.

The Calc III home page

For those taking Chaos theory  follow the link.

Fall 2004:  92.305 Real Analysis  Meets MWF 10:30-11:20 in OH 521. 

Calc II takes you to the Calc II homepages - for our own section requirements click section 204 and 205 grading procedures .  Calc II students please note that I have changed the schedule for our second exam to Nov 5 (Fri). 

Fall 2003:

92.231 Calculus III 

92.236 Differential Equations  

Spring '03:

92.132 Calculus II   This will link you to Professor Levasseur's Calc II web page - or you should click on Problems for study to get the assignments for the course, and the Schedule for when the material will be covered and dates for exams.  Homework is due the second class after the material has been covered in class.  Our class meets MWRF 1:30-2:20 in OS401.   Test 3 solutions here


92.305 Real Analysis  Meets MWF 10:30-11:20 in OS 406.  If  you would like to see the solutions to the final exam click here.  Real Analysis students: you may pick up your homework, projects and class notes folders in the box just outside of my office (they are in a box under the table next to the office).



Research Interests: 

Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, Manifolds and Measure Preserving Homeomorphisms.

Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes.

Information Theory.

Other Things 






Select your math fortune for the day with this link from http://www.dynamical-systems.org