Students must complete all of the graded assignments in order to pass the class.  If there is a minimum length required for an essay, any essays short of this minimum will not get credit for the assignment (unless there is special permission of the instructor).

The percentage value of each assignment as given on the course syllabus is an approximation only; the instructor reserves the right to exercise discretion in the assignment of the final grade.

Late essays: those who do not feel they will be able to finish an essay on time should ask  IN ADVANCE for permission to hand the essay in late.  Those who do not ask permission in advance will be penalized for lateness (the penalty is greater the later the assignment is completed).  However, a late essay is better than no essay, and you cannot pass the class without completing all the assignments.



Please note that the recording of an INCOMPLETE grade does NOT constitute a waiver of any penalties for lateness, nor does it constitute permission to hand in the paper by the official deadline for resolving incompletes without penalty.  Even where an INC is given, the professor reserves the right to penalize lateness, and to increase the penalty depending on how late the assignment is.



Students are expected to attend every class.  However, it is understood that there will be some classes where it is not possible to attend, due to illness, car troubles, family emergencies, etc.  Students do not need to document their excuses for absence. However, students who miss a substantial percentage of classes will be subject to grade reductions.  For those missing more than two weeks, the grade will be lowered by one full level (e.g. B to C); for those missing more than three weeks, the grade will be lowered by a further level; for those missing more than four weeks, the result is failure in the class, unless they can document a legitimate medical reason for missing the classes.

 Students with substantial absences may also be required to do makeup work in order to pass the class.



Students are expected to attend class on time (and stay the full class length).





Students are expected to pay attention in class, and to be present mentally as well as physically.  Students who become overly distracted by their electronic devices may not get credit for attendance in that class.



Students are expected to be familiar with the University policy on citation of sources, available here: http://www.uml.edu/catalog/undergraduate/policies/academic_dishonesty.htm. 

Please note the definition of plagiarism: "Plagiarism - representing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the words or ideas of another as one's own work in any academic exercise." You must give a citation to a source from which you took any WORDS or IDEAS.

The professor reserves the right to require students to demonstrate verbally a comprehension of the issues discussed in the student's written work; a failure to do so to the professor's satisfaction is grounds for requiring the student to write a new paper.