Low-tech videos about cool, accessible mathematics

Welcome to Barefoot Math (aka "Jim Propp's math videos")! My videos have captions for those who want them. To learn how to add content to your YouTube channel and to add captions to existing content, see my document-in-progress.

I think it's important to take the extra time to add captions. This isn't just for the hard of hearing; it's for the many millions of people around the world who can process printed English in a video (perhaps pausing the video at times) but can't process spoken English (or can't process it at speed). With a small investment of extra time, you can greatly increase the global accessibility of your video content.

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Swine in a Line (part 1): the rules of a fun game with some surprising math hiding inside it.

Swine in a Line (part 2): a hint about how to think about the game.

Swine in a Line (part 3): the winning strategy revealed.

Swine in a Line (part 4): how might someone discover the winning strategy?

Swine in a Line (part 5): the solution to the variant of the game.

Engel Machines (part 1): using Arthur Engel's abacus method to solve a probability problem due to Bruce Torrence.

Also, you can find some past math-videos of mine here or here.

- Jim Propp, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UMass Lowell