Links for Math 491 (a work in progress):

Links to the articles by Wiles and Taylor-and-Wiles (note: only accessible to subscribers to the Annals of Mathematics).

Reviews of the articles of Wiles and Taylor-and-Wiles.

A report on Wiles' Cambridge lectures, by Karl Rubin and Alice Silverberg (AMSTeX source).

Galois representations and modular forms, by Ken Ribet.

Last theorem, first page (a "metanews" story about Ian Katz' news-breaking piece "Fame by numbers")

Fermat's Last Theorem (transcript of the BBC programme).

The Romance of Fermat's Last Theorem, by Roy Lisker.

Fermat's Last Theorem: Report from a conference on the proof by Andrew Wiles , by Roy Lisker.

Scientific American: Ask the Experts: "Are mathematicians finally satisfied with Andrew Wiles's proof of Fermat's Last Theorem? Why has this theorem been so difficult to prove?"

Fermat's Last Theorem.

The Mathematical Atlas (article on FLT).

Pierre de Fermat

The Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem (Copyright 1996 by Charles Daney, All Rights Reserved).

Fermat's Last Theorem

The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem (if that fails, try clicking here).

Amicable numbers.

The Erdos Project.

The Euler Project.

Various links to the Monty Hall Problem: pick web-site #1, web-site #2, or web-site #3. (The link to FLT is fairly tangential, but since Marilyn vos Savant wrote a book on the subject, it's reasonable to try and learn a bit more about her!) [Note: The third link is currently broken.]

Doron Zeilberger's opinion about vos Savant's book.

Web-site for the Horizon/Nova program "The Proof".

Interview with Richard Taylor.

Biography of Barry Mazur.

Conference-page for "Emerging Applications of Number Theory". (The proceedings was submitted to Springer-Verlag New York Publisher on 5/29/98. It will appear in the IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, Volume 109: Emerging Applications of Number Theory. Editors: Dennis A. Hejhal, Joel Friedman, Martin C. Gutzwiller, and Andrew M. Odlyzko.)