This is the main page for the article "Lattice Structure for Orientations of Graphs" by James Propp; it contains links to files in the directory Sorry for the state of this directory; I wrote this article back before I understood how to gracefully integrate PostScript pictures with LaTeX, or even with each other.

The text and figures for the article are in the Postscript files and, respectively. The file was created merely by concatenating the files through; many browsers will therefore be unable to page freely back and forth through the document, and some browsers may not let you look beyond page 1. Fortunately, most printers are not so easily confused.

I don't plan to publish the present version of the article. I intend to rewrite it as a sequence of three shorter articles, one of which will be co-authored with David Gupta, who had several good ideas for improving the exposition and the proofs.