What I've been doing lately for REACH

24 Sept 02 -- Went to first day of meetings (2 hrs). Set up personal webpage for REACH.
Action Items: Homework problem. Prove the recurrence relation for matchings in a ladder graph (1,2,7,22; see Sloan).

1 Oct 01 -- spent ~5 hours pondering hw problems of the week, 1 hour browsing links. 4 hours reach meetings. total hours so far: 12

17 Oct 02 -- Reading this week: 3 hours (random stuff from bilinear forum, frieze patterns). Spent ~2hrs "playing" with tilings of cylinders/mobius, etc. Previous weeks: ~22 hours total reading stuff jim gave us and and working on homework-ish problems, 10 hours reach meetings. hours these 2-3 weeks: 35; total hours 49
ps -- sorry no real summary of what i did -- i'll keep better records, i promise...

24 Oct 02 -- reading/futzing w/stuff in readings: 5 hours (mostly spent looking at one-pagers, playing with cylinders and polyhexes.) meetings: 4 hours. this week: 9 hours. total so far: 58 hours. <\p>

31 Oct 02 -- meetings: 4 hours. typing up minutes for hex group: 2 hours. reading conway/lagarias (and looking up group theory stuff): 3 hours. playing with height functions: 1 hour. this week: 10 hours. total so far: 68 hours. <\p>

-- oops... seem to have misplaced november and december in some other file... i'll put it back as soon as i find it.... --

8 Jan 03 -- meetings: 4 hours. typing up minutes for hex group: 1 hour. trying to convert problem to various equivalent problems: 3 hours. (made lots of colorful multigraphs.) total this week: 8 hours. January total so far: 8 hours. <\p>

4 Jan 03 -- missed today's meeting. spent some time trying to attack the algorithm side of the problem again. it seems like there ought to be some way to reduce the problem! :-( anyway, 2 hours today, 10 hours so far in jan. <\p>