Tilings Research Group supervised by JAMES PROPP (propp@wisc.edu; 2-363C; (608) 218-7812)

hexagon tiling

A regular hexagon of side 20, tiled randomly by unit rhombuses

I am studying the properties of random tilings of finite regions. The work mixes combinatorics, algebra, and probability, with a large component of computer experimentation.

Students work in small groups during the week, and attend two two-hour weekly meetings on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; the Tuesday meeting is (usually) a lab session in which students work individually or in groups, and the Thursday meeting is (usually) a team discussion of what progress has been made in the past week and what sub-projects will be undertaken in the following week.

To get a sense of what the research entails, check out the group's Web-page or look at the gallery of pictures outside my office door. If you are thinking of joining the group, you should take a look at the suggested reading-list; you may want to look at some of the articles on tilings in my list of publications.

For more information, call me at (617) 253-6544 or send e-mail to propp@math.wisc.edu .