The following limericks were submitted at the DIMACS Workshop on Puzzling Mathematics and Mathematical Puzzles held June 8-9, 2007 in honor of Peter Winkler's 60th Birthday.
Let's all toast a fellow named Pete
Who once had to work for his meat
Now he roams down the halls
Playing golf with two balls
And exclaiming: "Isn't life sweet!"

A mathematician named Pete
Liked to lie but not repeat
His math grew harder and bolder
But that's because he just stood on Hungarians' shoulders
And squeezing Carl's prize was no mean feat.

A mathematician named Peter
Attempted a verse in this meter
But all of his iambs
Made very bad rhyambs
And so he was known as a cheater. 

A math guy named Pete hit a hurdle;
Yet at 60, he's just as alert, he'll
Win all the same
At bridge, puzzles and games
Though his graphs, they are no longer fertile.

A mathematician names Winkler
Was at times the world's quickest thinker
His forte new words
Animals in trees now called birds
Or squashed cubes, how absurd
Or claims 'bout 4/3
Or puzzles misheard 
And with stopping times he'd often tinker.

A mathematician named Pete
Gave lectures that filled every seat
His theorems on graphs
Elicited laughs.
His secret: he wasn't discreet.

A mathematician names Peter
Studied games with a guesser and cheater.
With parameters so
Who wins? Now we know.
Could math ever be any sweeter?

A mathematician names Pete
Found that math swept him off of his feet
Mere mention of DIMACS
Would cause him to climax
In ways colleagues found indiscrete. 

A mathematician named Pete
Seldom ever admitted defeat
With a smile and a twinkle
Solutions he'd winkle
To problem abstract and concrete.

A mathematician named Pete
A combinatorialist elite,
Lover of puzzles
And Erdos-like muddles,
Celebrates 60 years sweet.

A mathematician names Pete,
Possessor of left and right feet,
As everyone knows
Has a full set of toes;
It's in his honor we meet (and eat)

A mathematician names Pete
With puzzles fills many a sheet;
There isn't a box
He cannot outfox,
As puzzler none can compete.

A mathematician names Pete
With his games we'd compete;
I had no inkling,
So I thought like Winkling,
And found a solution complete. 

A mathematician called Pete
Invented a problem so sweet
I could not sleep a wink-
It drove me to drink
To know him is really a treat. 

A mathematician named Pete
Was pseudo randomly fleet
His walk was harmonic
Eigenvectors demonic
In ln n Pete would repeat.