Principle Investigator

Gulden Camci-Unal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell, September 2016-Present
Post-doc Fellow, Harvard University, 2013-2016
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 2012-2013
Post-doc Fellow, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology/Harvard Medical School, 2009-2012
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2009


Research expertise and interests: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Cardiovascular Diseases, Biomineralization, Paper-based Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices, Point of Care Diagnostics





Mailing address:
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Department of Chemical Engineering
Southwick Hall 328
1 University Ave
Lowell, MA 01854


Lab address:
Saab Emerging Technologies & Innovation Center (ETIC)
Room 306
UMass Lowell North Campus
40 University Avenue
Lowell, MA, 01854

Phone: 978-934-3143
Fax: 978-934-3047



Gulden Camci-Unal received her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Iowa State University (USA) and her M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees both in Chemical Engineering at Middle East Technical University (Turkey). Dr. Camci-Unal’s research at the interface of biomaterials and bioengineering has made important contributions in generation of engineered platforms for cardiac, cardiovascular and bone tissue engineering. Her research interests include design, synthesis, and characterization of functional biomaterials for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, development of in vitro disease models for personalized medicine, and low-cost point of care diagnostics. The overarching goal of her research is to improve human health and quality of life.

Dr. Camci-Unal’s research and teaching achievements include various awards such as the Iowa State University Teaching Excellence Award, Wakonse Fellowship, NSF ADVANCE Travel Award, Chevron-Phillips Award, Procter & Gamble Fellowship, and finalist for BioFlux Innovation Award. Her research has resulted in 56+ published manuscripts, 51+ conference abstracts, and 7+ patent applications so far. Her work has been published in high impact journals such as Advanced Materials, Nature Asia Materials, JACS, Biomaterials, Lab on a Chip, Soft Matter, and Tissue Engineering. She is an Editorial Board member of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, and Regenerative Medicine Research.

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Selected Publications
Singh, A.T., Lantigua, D., Meka, A., Taing, S., Pandher, M., Camci-Unal, G., “Paper-Based Sensors: Emerging Themes and Applications”, Sensors, 18(9), 2838, 2018.

Wu, X., Suvarnapathaki, S., Walsh, K., Camci-Unal, G., “Paper as a Scaffold for Cell Cultures: Teaching an Old Material New Tricks”, DOI:10.1557/mrc.2018.8, MRS Communications, 1-14, 2018.


Lantigua, D., Kelly, Y.N., Unal, B., Camci-Unal, G., “Engineered Paper-Based Cell Culture Platforms”, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6(22): DOI: 10.1002/adhm.20, 2017.


Camci-Unal, G., Laromaine, A., Hong, E., Derda, R., Whitesides, G.M., “Biomineralization guided by paper templates”, Scientific Reports, 6, 27693, 2016.


Camci-Unal, G., Newsome, D., Eustace, B., Whitesides, G.M., “Fibroblasts enhance migration of human lung cancer cells in a paper-based co-culture system”, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 5(6): 641-647, 2016.


Camci-Unal, G., Annabi, N., Liao, R., Dokmeci, M.R., Khademhosseini, A., "Hydrogels for Cardiac Tissue Engineering”, Nature Asia Materials, 6, e99, DOI:10.1038/am.2014.19, 2014.


Camci-Unal, G., Cuttica, D., Annabi, N., Demarchi, D., Khademhosseini, A., “Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Hyaluronic Acid-Gelatin Hydrogels”, Biomacromolecules, 14(4): 1085-1092, 2013.


Camci-Unal, G., Nichol, J.W., Bae, H., Tekin, H., Bischoff, J. Khademhosseini, A., “Hydrogel surfaces to promote attachment and spreading of endothelial progenitor cells”, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 7(5): 337-347, 2012.


Kaji, H., Camci-Unal, G., Langer, R., Khademhosseini, A., “Engineering systems for the generation of patterned co-cultures for controlling cell-cell interactions”, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-General Subjects, 1810(3): 239-250, 2011.