Hengyong Yu's Research Experience

Research Experience

14. Nov. 2014-Present,  Research in medical imaging and informatics, in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

13. May 2010-Nov. 2014,  Research in Cone-beam spiral CT, in Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wake Forest University Health Sciences, USA

12. Nov. 2006-May 2010: Research in Cone-beam spiral CT, in the Biomedical Imaging Division, VT-WFU School of Biomedical Engineering & Science, Virginia Tech., USA

11. Sept. 2004-Nov. 2006: Research in Cone-beam spiral CT, in the CT/Micro-CT Laboratory, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa, USA

10. Jul. 2003-Sept. 2004: Research in Cone-beam spiral CT, in the College of Telecommunication Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China

9. Sept. 2000-May 2003: Research in the 3D blood vessel reconstruction, in the Institute of Image Processing, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

8. Sept. 2002-Nov. 2002: Research in face detection and recognition, as a visiting student in the Media Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia, China

7. Jul. 2000-Aug. 2000: EDA (Electronics Design Automation), in the special group for representing Xi'an Jiaotong University to attend the EDA competition of Chinese Graduate Students, China

6. Feb. 2000-Jun. 2000: Research in network security, independently developed a remote control platform of "Network Police" for Xi'an Xinli Networking Company, China

5. Jun. 1999-Jun. 2000: Research in human face detection, in the Institute of Image Processing, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

4. Aug. 1998-May 1999: Research in digital X-ray image noise analysis, in the Institute of Image Processing, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

3. Jun. 1998-May 1999: Developing in "Prediction & Decision Support System", in Xi'an CAIT software company, China

2. Mar. 1998-Jun. 1999: Developing with the winsock interface in the graduate project, in the Institute of Image Processing, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

1. Nov. 1997-Mar. 1998: Transplanting the FIDAP software in the minor graduate project, in the School of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China



1. Subcontract PI,  Low cost x-ray CT system for in-situ imaging of roots, DOE/APRA-E, DE-AR0000827, active.

2. Principle Investigator, Consortium for research on imaging and informatics, UMass President Office, active.

3. Principle Investigator, Tensor-based dictionary for imaging biomarkers,  NIH/NIBIB, R21, EB019074, active.

4. Subcontract PI,  High dose efficiency CT system, NIH/NIBIB, U01, EB017140, active.

5. Principle Investigator, CAREER: Development and Application of CS-based Interior Tomography, NSF( No.1540898), active..

6. Principle Investigator, Collaborative Research: Mathematical Aspects of Interior Problem of Tomography , NSF( No.1619550), completed.

7. Principle Investigator, Pilot study for learning based imaging bioinformatics, Wake Forest University Health Science Pilot Grant, completed. 

8. Co-Principal Investigator, Support for US Young Investigators to attend IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Beijing, China, April 28-May 2, 2014; NSF (No. 1348097), completed.

9. Principle Investigator, True-color micro-CT characterization of liver vasculature for regenerative medicine, Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine Seed Grant, completed. 

10. Subcontract PI, Cardiac CT: Advanced Architectures and Algorithms, NIH/NHLBI, R01, EB11785, completed.

11. Principal Investigator, Development of Methods and Software for Interior Tomography Applications, NIH/NIBIB, R43, EB09275, completed.

12. Subcontract PI, Development of the Next-generation Nano-CT System for ROI-focused Scanning and Exact Interior reconstruction, NSF/MRI project (No. CMMI-0923297), completed.

13. Principal Investigator, Data redundancy based motion artifact reduction for head CT, NIH/NIBIB, R03, EB007288, completed.

14. Co-Principal Investigator, Evaluation of a novel solution to the interior problem for cardiac CT, Toshiba, completed.

15. Co-Principal Investigator, Acquisition of a 500nm resolution nano-CT scanner, NIH/NCRR, S10, RR025667, completed.

16. Co-Principal Investigator, Large-scale parallel implementation of Katsevich algorithm for 3D CBCT image reconstruction, NIH/NIBIB, R21, EB006412, completed.

17. Co-Principal Investigator, Cone-beam method for x-ray CT, NIH/NIBIB, R01, EB002667, completed.

18. Investigator, Bolus chasing CT angiography using adaptive control techniques, NIH/NCI, R21/R33, EB004287, completed.

19. Investigator, CT Perfusion, GE Medical System, Completed.

20. Principal Investigator, Cone-beam reconstruction methods and its applications, HDU fund, 081503015, completed.

21. Investigator, Reconstruction of 3D vascular network, NSF of China, 30070225, completed.

22. Investigator, Adaptive X-ray exposure techniques for digital medical imaging, "863" Project of China, 2001-AA-114152, completed.

23. Investigator, Medical digital X-ray image processing system, "863" Project of China, 863-3060606, completed.