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Dr. Jian-Hua (Joshua) Qian

Assoc. Professor of Atmospheric and Climate     Science
Department of Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
University of Massachusetts
Lowell, MA 01854, USA

office: Olney 223A, Phone: 978-934-4861

                              Fax: 978-934-3069

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         Jian-Hua (Joshua) Qian is an Associate Professor in Atmospheric and Climate Science in the Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA. He received his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from North Carolina State University in 1996. He was a postdoctoral scientist in the Climate and Global Dynamics Division of NCAR from 1996 to 1998, and a research staff in the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch of the NASA Goddard Space Fleight Center. He was an Associate Research Scientist (2000-2007) and Research Scientist (2007-2011) at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at Columbia University in the City of New York.

       He is now an Adjunct Research Scientist at the IRI. He has experience in regional weather and climate modeling over North and South America, and East, South and Southeast Asia. He also has experience in mesoscale precipitation processes, land-atmosphere interaction, global nonhydrostatic atmospheric model development and theory of atmospheric nonhydrostatic normal modes.

Research Interests

         Qian is interested in understanding atmospheric physics and dynamics and using weather and climate information and forecasts towards good stewardship of the Earth's natural resources, including agriculture, ecosystem, water resource management, environmental protection, and sustainable development.


          Qian works on the development, testing and validation of regional scale forecast systems, and downscaling methodologies to address nesting strategies, physical parameterizations, initialization, forecast validation and analysis, and the dynamics of regional scale climate variability. Qian is also interested in nonhydrostatic atmospheric dynamics and tropical meteorology.
Research areas include: 

    1.    Seasonal climate forecast " (audio video)
    2. Climate downscaling and prediction using global and regional climate models such as
    3. Climate analysis using the IRI Data Library and
      Climate Predictability Tool (CPT)
    4. Atmospheric dynamics and physics
    5. Land-ocean-atmosphere interaction
    6. Interdisciplinary studies on climate risk management

    Published Papers and Books

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Manuscripts Submitted or in Preparation

  1. Qian, J.-H, A.W. Robertson, V. Moron, 2011: Diurnal cycle of rainfall in different weather regimes and the impact of ENSO on Borneo climate, to be submitted to J. Climate. Moron, V., A.W. Robertson and
  2. J.H. Qian, 2011: Scale interactions in climate system: case study of the impact of warm phase of El Nino Southern Oscillation in Indonesia. Climatologie, in press.
  3. Qian, J.-H., et al., 2011: Ensemble regional climate downscaling and seasonal forecast over Southeast Asia. Koide, N., A.W. Robertson, A.V. M. Ines, and J.-H.
  4. Qian, 2011: Predictability of rice production in the Philippines with seasonal climate forecasts. to be submitted to J. Appl. Meteorol. Clim.

Representing the IRI around the World

  1. Invited Meteorology Colloquium Speaker, Department of Meteorology, Penn State University, State College, PA, U.S.A.,Multi-scale climate processes and rainfall variability in the Maritime Continent. March 16, 2011.
  2. Invited Principle Speaker, Multi-scale climate processes in Southeast Asia. Understanding and Predicting Regional Climate: A Workshop, National University of Singapore (NUS), co-organized by NUS and the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), March 7-11, 2011.
  3. BMKG Indonesia Seminar: Multi-scale climate processes and rainfall variability in the Maritime Continent. Jakarta, Indonesia, March 4, 2011. Seminar, Department of Meteorology and Geophysics, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia, March 2, 2011.
  4. Seminar on Indian Northeast Monsoon - Recent Advances and Evolving Concepts (INEMREC-2011), The effects of grid spacing and domain size on the quality of ensemble regional climate downscaling over South Asia during the northeasterly monsoon. Chennai, India, February 24-25, 2011.
  5. AGU 2010 Fall Conference: 1. How useful are regional climate models for downscaling seasonal forecasts? (with Robertson et al.). 2. Predictability of rice production in the Philippines with seasonal climate forecasts (with Koide et al.). San Francisco, U.S.A., December, 2010.
  6. Seminar: Multi-scale climate processes over the Maritime Continent. University of Oxford, England, United Kingdom, July 2010.
  7. Tsinghua University, invited speaker, Summer Colloquium on Earth System Modeling, Beijing, China, July, 2010.
  8. Invited Seminar: Multi-scale climate processes of ENSO, monsoon and diurnal cycle in rainfall variability over the Maritime Continent. Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre, and ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre, Singapore, June 2010.
  9. Invited lecture: Multi-scale climate processes of ENSO, monsoon and diurnal cycle in rainfall variability over the Maritime Continent of Southeast Asia. Presented at "" the 5th ICTP Workshop on the Theory and Use of REGional Climate Models . May-June 2010, Trieste, Italy.
  10. Seminar: Role of multi-scale climate processes of ENSO, monsoon and diurnal cycle in rainfall variability over the Maritime Continent. Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, May 2010.
  11. AGU fall meeting: Role of multi-scale physical processes in the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall over the Maritime Continent. San Francisco, December, 2009.
  12. Iowa State University invited presentation: "" Seasonal forecast (audio video) . Bioeconomy conference - 2008 Corn and Climate conference. Ames, Iowa, September 2008.
  13. Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Climate forecast and application, Bogor, Indonesia, May 2008.
  14. Application of seasonal climate forecast on peatland fire risk management. Palangkaraya, Kalimantan, Indonesia, December 2007.
  15. Second International Symposium on Arid Cliamte Change and Sustainable Development (ISACS). Section chair, invited presentation: Application of regional climate models in physical process and climate forecast studies. Lanzhou, China, September, 2007.
  16. ASEAN Seasonal-Interannual Climate Prediction and its Applications Workshop, invited lecturer, ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre (ASMC), Singapore, May 2007. BMG of Indonesia, lectures on regional climate downscaling and forecast over Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia, May, 2007.
  17. BMG of NTT Indonesia, three lectures on global and regional climate modeling and prediction. Kupang, Indonesia, February 2007.
  18. BMG of Indonesia, lectures and training on regional climate downscaling and seasonal climate forecast over Southeast Asia. Jakarta, Indonesia, April 2006 and January 2007.
  19. IRI CFA project visit and training, PAGASA, Quezon City, The Philippines, 2006.
  20. Asian Winter Monsoon Symposium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2006.
  21. Workshop on Climate Risk Management in Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 2005.
  22. National University of Singapore, 2005.
  23. First Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia, two invited lectures, Beijing, China, 2005.
  24. Section Chair, International Symposium on tropical weather and climate, Guangzhou, China, 7-12 November 2004.
  25. WMO international monsoon workshop IMW-III, Hangzhou, China, 2-6 November 2004.
  26. Department invited seminar: Tropical climate modeling with applications over South America and Asia, Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, 13 September 2004.
  27. Second workshop on the theory and use of regional climate models (invited lecturer), ICTP, Trieste, Italy, May 31 - June 9, 2004.
  28. Department of Meteorology of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Weather and climate modelling with application for Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 25 May 2004.
  29. Seminar at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and presentation at the 10th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics, High-resolution regional climate downscaling over Sri Lanka, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 17-24 May 2004.
  30. NOAA 28th Climate Diagnosis Workshop, Reno, Nevada, 20-24 Oct. 2003.
  31. ICTP Regional climate modeling workshop (invited lecturer), Trieste, Italy, 1-6 July 2003.