My Past — simplified

  • An assistant professor at Boston College (2011-19)
  • A doctoral student at University of Colorado (2005-11)
  • A graduate student at CCER, Peking University (2004-05)
  • A college student at Zhejiang University (2000-04)
  • A young man who dreamed a lot (199?-present)

My Papers — selected

  • “Lexicographic Bias in International Trade.” (with Hua Cheng and Cui Hu)
    • Journal of International Economics, 2021
    • “Buy your apples from Abraham Aardvark” (a nice blurb proposed by Marginal Revolution). The paper is more than that, including an estimated search model in its appendix
  • “Extreme Weather and Long-term Health: Evidence from Two Millennia of Chinese Elites.” (with Wang-sheng Lee)
    • Journal of Health Economics, 2021
    • A dusty book goes a long way ...
  • “Alphabetic Norm and Research Output.” (with Ang Li)
    • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2021
    • Ang Li and Ben Li wrote a paper together to explain why the author order should follow the alphabetic norm in economics
  • “The Production Economics of the Economics Production.” (with Yushan Hu).
    • Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2021
    • Is new economic knowledge produced in an economically efficient way?
  • “The Production Life Cycle.” (with Yibei Liu)
    • Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2018
    • Products have life cycles (Raymond Vernon), and so does their production process
  • “The Economics of Nationalism.” (with Xiaohuan Lan)
    • American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015
    • Nationalism is the endorsement of domestic market relative to foreign market. Let us convince you in theory and empirics
  • “Shanghai's Trade, China's Growth.” (with Wolfgang Keller and Carol Shiue)
    • IMF Economic Review, 2013
    • Universal gravitation applies to the solar system, the earth, China, and Shanghai
  • “Multinational Production and Choice of Technologies.”
    • Economics Letters, 2010
    • Skill-biased technical changes in multinational subsidiaries
  • “Geographic Concentration and Vertical Disintegration.” (with Yi Lu)
    • Journal of Urban Economics, 2009
    • Get closer and buy more from each other

My Preaching — summarized

  • Statistics I & II
  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Urban Economics
  • International Trade
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