The Gothic Tradition in Literature 42.337

This is where I'll put information for this semester's course on the Gothic. I will update frequently with links to materials I use in lecture and discussion.

The Syllabus for Spring 2011 is here.


Below are links to various notes for the novels we're working on this semsester; I'll update and add more information as we continue:

Castle of Otranto

Here's a link to information on The Castle of Otranto.

Here's a link to the student-created powerpoint presentation for a review of Otranto (powerpoint file).

Here's a link to the student-created characters list for Otranto (Word file)

Here's a link to the student-created family tree for Otranto (Word file)

The Monk

Here's a link to some information on The Monk

Here's a link to our student-written summary of major characters in The Monk (the snow day assignment).

Here's a link to the discussion of Romanticism verus the Gothic.

Here's a link to the student-created review of characters for the Monk (Word file)

Edgar Huntly

Here's a link to the contexts for our discussions of Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly.

Here's a link for further discussion of Edgar Huntly (sleepwalking cases and doubling issues).

Here's a link to the study guide created by a student in our class for Edgar Huntly.


Cover images for various editions of Frankenstein.

Some images of Frankenstein in popular culture.

Mary Shelley's family life was a bit of a mess. Check out her Family Tree here (link to an excellent wikimedia resource).

The Bodlein Library has an excellent resource called Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family. It includes a draft of Frankenstein.

Here are the notes and images for the discussion of Frankenstein and Body Issues for our Second-Day discussion of the text.

This link will download a PDF of the student-created presentation handout on Frankenstein for the exam review.

Jekyll & Hyde

Here are the notes for the first day discussion of Jekyll and Hyde.

The Turn of the Screw

A few notes and links for the first day discussion here.


Other Handouts and End-of-Semester Stuff

Handout: Things to do with a quote (for exam prep)

Handout: Final Project Information

Research Guide for the Final paper -- Please review this!


Required Texts (6 plus one of your own choosing):

1. Horace Walpole: The Castle of Otranto Dover Thrift Edition $2.50 ISBN-10: 0486434125 ISBN-13: 978-0486434124

2. Matthew Lewis: The Monk Dover Thrift Edition $3.50 ISBN-10: 0486432149 ISBN-13: 978-0486432144

3. Charles Brockden Brown: Edgar Huntly Penguin Classics: $11.95 ISBN-10: 0140390626 ISBN-13: 978-0140390629

4. Mary Shelley: Frankenstein Bantam Classic: $4.95 ISBN-10: 0553212478 ISBN-13: 978-0553212471

5. Robert L. Stevenson: Jekyll and Hyde Bantam Classics $3.95 ISBN-10: 055321277X ISBN-13: 978-0553212778

6. Henry James: The Turn of the Screw Dover Thrift Editions $1.50 ISBN-10: 0486266842 ISBN-13: 978-0486266848

PLUS one additional novel of your choice (further info TBA).


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