Doreen Arcus, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

University of Massachusetts Lowell  




1991†††††††† Ph.D. Harvard University,  Cambridge, MA,  Psychology


1988                  A.M. Harvard University,  Cambridge, MA,  Psychology

1977†††††††† M.A. Western Michigan University,  Kalamazoo, MI,   Speech Pathology

1976†††††††† B.A. with honor, St. Xavier College, Chicago, IL,   Psychology & Speech Pathology





2004-   †††† Associate Professor with tenure, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell

2005-10   Director, Honors Program, University of Massachusetts Lowell

1997-03   Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell

1995-97   Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Tufts University, Medford, MA

1994-96   Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry, Clinical Research-Training Program, Harvard Medical School,

1992-94   Instructor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University Extension School, Cambridge, MA

1991-93   Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge

1982-84   Speech-Language Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

1981-82   Communication Specialist, Student Counseling Division; Instructor, Dept. Special Education, University of Illinois, Chicago

1979-81   Speech Language Pathologist, LaGrange Area Dept. of Special Education, LaGrange, IL

1977-79   Clinical Coordinator, Dept. of Communication Disorders, College of St. Teresa, Winona, MN





2010 ††††††† University of Massachusetts, Presidentís Award for Public Service

2009†††††††† Distinguished Educators Program, AFROTC, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL

2005-†††† †† Institutional Review Board, University of Massachusetts Lowell:† Member 2005-08; Vice Chair, 2008-present

2001††††† †† University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Psychology Teaching Excellence Award,

2001-05†† Steering Committee, Office for Special Education Programs, MA Department of Education, Massachusetts Advisory Council for Special Education, Appointed Representative for Higher Education, 1999-2005; Vice Chair 2002-2003; Chair, 2003-2005

1993-95   NIMH Postdoctoral Fellowship (NRSA 5 T32 MH16259-14) †††††

1991-93   John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

1989-90   American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, Predoctoral Fellowship

1976-77   Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Rehabilitation Services Traineeship

1976†††††††† St. Xavier College Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement





Selected Publications

Arcus, D. (2010).† A developmental approach to foster parent recruitment.† Manuscript submitted for publication.

Arcus, D. & Milewski, T.M.M. (2010). Children in foster care:† Who do we think they are? Manuscript submitted for publication.†

Arcus, D. (2010). Welcoming Einstein: Students with disabilities in the honors program. In L. L. Coleman & J. D. Kotinek (Eds.), Setting the Table for Diversity. NCHC Monograph Series. (pp. 41-59). Lincoln, NE: National Collegiate Honors Council.

Arcus, D. & Chambers, P. Childhood Risks associated with Adoption. (2008). In T. Gullotta & G. Blau (Ed.).† Family Influences on Childhood Behavior and Development.† NY:† Routledge.

Arcus, D. (2005)† Speaking out on Psychological Disorders of Childhood: An interview-based introduction. Prentice-Hall. [Videorecording & Instructors Manual]

Arcus, D. & Milewski, T.M† (2003).† Promoting healthy development in children of adoptive families.† In T. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion

Arcus, D. (2002).† School Shooting Fatalities and School Corporal Punishment. Aggressive Behavior, 28, p. 173-183.

Woodward S., Lenzenweger M., Kagan J., Snidman N.,† & Arcus D. (2001) Taxonic structure of infant reactivity: Evidence from a taxometric perspective. Psychological Science, 11, 296-301.

Arcus, D.† (2001) Inhibited and Uninhibited Children:† Biology in the social context.† In T. Wachs & D. Kohnstamm (Eds.)† Temperament in Context.† Hillsdale, NJ:† Earlbaum.†

Kagan, J., Snidman, N., & Arcus, D. (1998). Childhood derivatives of reactivity in infancy.† Child Development. 69, p. 1483-1493.

Arcus, D. (1998). Research and Teaching: Another Perspective.† The Teaching Professor, 12 (7), August/September, p. 6.

Stern, H., Arcus, D., Kagan, J., Rubin, D., & Snidman, N. (1995).† Using mixture models in temperament research.† International Journal of Behavioral Development, 18, p. 407-423.†

Arcus, D. & Kagan, J. (1995).† Temperament and craniofacial variation in the first two years.† Child Development, 66,† 1529-1540.

Kagan, J., Arcus, D., Snidman, N., Wang, Y.F., Hendler, J., & Greene, S.† (1994). Ease of arousal in infants: A cross-national comparison. Developmental† Psychology, 30, p. 342-345.†


Selected Conference Presentations (Refereed unless indicated otherwise) ††††

Arcus, D.. & Donaghey, E. (2008).† Access and Inclusion:† Universal Design in Honors Instruction.† Paper presented at the annual conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council, San Antonio, TX.

Arcus, D. (2007).† Albert Einstein had Dyslexia:† Students with disabilities in the honors program.† Paper presented at the annual conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Denver, CO.

Arcus, D. (2005).† Reconceptualizing Collateral Damage:† A Family Systems Perspective on Siblings of Sexually Abused Children.† Paper presented at the 9th European Conference on Traumatic Stress, Stockholm, Sweden

Akiba, D. & Arcus, D. (2003). Schools and Diversity: Complicated Children in Complex Contexts. Co-organized and co-chaired symposium at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Tampa, FL.†

Arcus, D., Deschenes, J., & Zacharias, C. (2003).† Fitting Complex Children Into Simple Categories: Immigrant Students With Special Needs. Research paper presented in above symposium.

Arcus, D., Milewski, T., Brown, K., & Merrill, J.(2002). Children in Foster Care and the Eye of the Beholder. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Chicago

Arcus, D.† (2002).† Parentsí styles, children's temperaments and paths from reactivity to inhibition to shyness.†† Paper presented as part of an invited symposium organized & chaired by A. Eliasz, C. Super, & S. Harkness, Temperament and context in the development of personality, at the 11th European Conference on Personality, European Association of Personality Psychology, Jena, Germany

Arcus, D. (2002).† Newcomers in a Land of High Stakes, Standardized Tests.† Invited paper at a joint conference of American Association of University Women and LowellOne Coalition, Lowell, MA

Arcus, D. & Hildreth, K. (2001).† Inhibited Children to Shy Adults:† Do Parents Matter?† Paper presented as part of symposium at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Minneapolis, MN

Weinberg, N. & Arcus, D.† (2000) Give and Take:† Encouraging reciprocity in psychological research.† Discussion session, Annual Meeting of the New England Psychological Association, Lewiston, ME.

Arcus, D. & Ryan, J. (1999). Child Abuse Correlates of School Corporal Punishment.† Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Albuquerque, NM

Arcus, D. (1998). When is maternal SES not really maternal SES? Poster presented at the biennial International Conference for Infant Studies, Atlanta, GA





Association for Psychological Science

Council for Exceptional Children (Division of Teacher Education)

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

National Association of Special Education Teachers

Society for Research in Child Development

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Born and raised in the City of Big Shoulders
Married to a card carrying member of the Angela Thirkel Society and native of South Bend, IN
Mother of two fabulous young men

Walker of Lucy, the wonder dog




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