Dr. Arcus Recommends

Awesome Academic Resources

Guides to Many Aspects of College Life


In Class

Lecture Notes  from UMass Amherst Learning Support Services

Top 10 Things Not to Say to an Instructor Clemson College Survival


The UMass Lowell Writing Center offers invaluable assistance for students

Using internet reference materials?  APA guide to citing online materials

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) Using APA format  

APA fourth to fifth edition changes in the Publication Manual

The Elements of Style  William Strunk's classic; be sure to scroll down

Writing the empirical journal article. Darryl Bem's readable and helpful chapter online   

University of Washington Writing a Psychology Literature Review  

Dr. Susan Gallagher, UML Political Science, Term Paper Checklist & Thesis Statement Guide

Merriam-Webster online dictionary & thesaurus


Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS) at UMass Lowell

Learning style preferences of Generation Y Cal State Hayward

General Study Habits and Time Management Clemson

Getting Organized University of Calgary

Where does my time go? and More info on time and college Virginia Tech


Preparation & techniques for taking tests

Essay and short answer exams

Clemson's Guide to College Exams

Evaluating Internet Sources

Evaluation of Web Sites Ohio State

Research Tutorial  Five Colleges of Ohio --Click on Web Research

Information Competence Tutorials Cal Poly

Internet Detective  Social Sciences Information Gateway

OASIS: Online Advancement of Student Information Skills  SFSU

Links to evaluation sources American Speech Language & Hearing Association

Poster Presentations

New England Psychological Association (NEPA) conference guidelines for posters

Hess & Liegel's Creating Effective Poster Presentations (NC State)

DeStefano Creating Effective Posters for Psychology Conferences

Dordt College poster presentation tips

More Good Stuff

The UML Student Counseling Center offers support and service

ADHD and the College Student Virginia Tech

Dyslexia at College WorldofDyslexia.org

The UML Office for Disability Services offers support

Six Myths about Stress  American Psychological Association

Stress Management and the College Student.  UPittsburg

General Health and Well Being. Peer Health Office at Williams College

Facts about Alcohol Poisoning 

NIH Freedom of Information Act Office

Welcome to The White House


Please let me know if any of these links are out of date.  Thanks.

Updated 10/23/05  DMA