For a transfer of heat energy to or from a material, the quantity of heat transferred is dependent on the mass of material, the temperature change of the material, and the specific heat capacity of the material (a constant).

Heat transferred = (mass) X (Temperature Change) X (Specific Heat Capacity)

Since we measured out the solutions used in this part of the experiment by volume (using a graduated cylinder), we will have to convert from the volume of solution taken to the mass of the solution, using the density of the solution (1.02 g/mL) given on Page 54.

The specific heat capacity is also given on Page 54 as 3.93 Joules/goC.

Heat change of mixed solutions = (100.0 mL)(1.02 g/mL)(3.93 Joules/goC)(7.1oC) 
= 2846 Joules = 2.8 kJ