Violence in America
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Assignment 1

Professor Byrne – Spring, 2008
Violence Paper Outline

Format: APA Style, reference page( see APA style manual link)

Length: 10-15 pages

Topic Areas: Approved by Prof. Byrne, but choose  one of the following general  violence topic areas: (1) school violence, (2) workplace violence, (3) community/gang violence, (4) Violence in the helping professions, (5) serial killers, (6) murder , (7) Rape, (8) Assault, (9) Institutional violence, and (10) Cult Violence.

Outline Due: Week 3(your outline should be detailed and include each of the sections described in the "organization section" below, along with a preliminary bibliography—citing sources from major, tier 1 journals-- in APA format. The outline will be graded and represents 10% of your term paper grade)

Final Paper Due: Week 12 (late papers receive grade reductions for each day late)

Organization of Paper:

Section 1: Intro./overview/extent of problem

Section 2: Causes of the problem

Section 3: Prevention Strategies: Can this type of violence be prevented

Section 4: Control Strategies Overview

  1. Police response to the problem
  2. Court response to the problem
  3. Correction system’s response to the problem
  4. Community response to the problem (e.g., vigilante justice, private policing)
Section 5:  Specific Case study/violence analysis( identify a specific case study to analyze in your violence topic area)
  1. What happened?
  2. Why did it happen?
  3. Could the crime have been prevented?
  4. Were control strategies effective?
  5. Impact of the case on the offender, victim, community, & criminal/juvenile justice system?
Section 6: Concluding comments: What does the future look like for this type of violence?

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