SSL Minutes

22 March 2001

What we did

We spent most of our time in the computer room, each doing a small project.

Hal was working on the heaxagon version of blue-red. That is, it will do for hexagonal tilings what it does for rectangular ones.

Joel was working on the probability of finding a 1 or -1 at a certain spot in a NxN ASM as a way to see if there is any way to get a circle, the likes of which we see on an Aztec diamond.

Pavle was working on figuring out a good algorithm to figure out which (N+1)x(N+1) ASM was compatible with which NxN ASM.

Geir and Kristin were computing the number of ASM's of N=1, 2, . . ., 8 to see how many of them connected 1 with the point futhest away on a tiling.

Dominic and Nick were doing research on baxter permutations, and trying to make a program that would let them know, for an input sequence, whether it was a baxter permutation or not.

Boytcho and Abe were working on figuring out a way to store a large quantity of numbers. Boytcho then pointed out that you can't store 20! numbers in less than a supercomputer, so that idea was shot down.

Dan looked at ASMs and the DPFL model. Also looked at the hex flux line model thingy.