SSL Minutes

5 April 2001
Nick Pongratz

Debriefing of Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • We then went around the room for ~4 minutes each:

    Abe: Was thinking about the A(n-1) conjecture. How to solve? - Find a bijection. - Boytcho: fill in edges of blue-red DPFL, flip coin to determine where to place horizontal lines, vertical lines are then forced.

    Dominic: Will send out to the list the algorithm to generate Baxter permatations of any order n. (specifically, Hal, Boytcho, Nick wanted it.) Would like ideas on how we'll prove Baxter conjecture.

    Nick: Working on a program that determines if a given permutation is a Baxter permutation. After that, will start coding the Baxter permutation generator.

    Kristin: "Where is everyone?" Asked Abe if he has a program to count linkings of DPFLS's. Abe said the program is almost done.

    Dan: Would like to get involved with a project with Hal and Rachel. (Which project is this?)

    Boytcho: Has been looking to unify the two definitions of Baxter permutations. Jim says we should think about height functions when thinking about proving the shuffling conjecture.

    Hal: Wanted to know what the final version of his applet should do: Boytcho suggested including a way to manually make elementary moves. Abe suggested it show the height functions. Debate over implementation ensued. Should we have toggle buttons or separate versions as we add features? Jim would like a "turbo mode with autopilot" and a tutorial mode. Michael suggested the code be modularized.

    Jim encourages us to set up our own focussed meetings.

    Everyone should meet with Michael next week (April 9-13) for 15-45 min. Email him a time that will work well.