SSL Minutes

12 April 2001
Geir Helleloid

Pavle has left us for the rest of the semester. Goodbye Pavle.

Question: Given a random ASM, what is the average value in a given matrix position (where the average is weighted by the number of paths to the ASM in the shuffling lattice)?

Example of how to run a process in the background:

Create a file - let's name it "runbr" - and make it executable. (chmod 755 runbr)

In runbr, have one line, e.g,

	blue-red 10 > br10

Then start the process with:

	nohup runbr &

Question: What happens if you convert TOADs to single ASM's (by interleaving the entries with zeroes and getting an ASM of order 2n+1)? Are there any patterns you can find (in the DPFLs, etc.)?

After this question, Hal began his presentation on his proof of the Baxter Permutation Conjecture.

After Hal spoke, we adjourned to the computer lab, where we did our own stuff.