SSL Minutes

17 April 2001
Nick Pongratz

We had two guests, Dan and Chris.

We went around the room getting caught up on everyone's progress:

Michael- is polishing part of his dissertation.

Abe- has been listening to Hal explain his proof. is soliciting comments for brhelper.

Jim- 1: working on article, "Many Faces of ASMs," would like to put in a section, "Pairs of ASMs" if Hal's proof is convincing. 2: another article, "Z^2 Action". 3: has been playing around with hexagonal DPFL's 4: Terminology: DPFL should maybe be called Fully Packed Loops. Rachel would like to call DPFLs Aztec Phoenix Feathers. Everyone likes the terms "proximal" and "distal"

Dominic- explained how a counterexample to Hal's proof does not work. is going at the Baxter Conjecture differently than Hal.

Hal then explained to our guests what we're doing with Baxter Permutations, ASMs, and TOADs.

Nick- is taking Mike's advice with the Baxter Permutation verifier, will simply separate each element on the commandline by a space (IOW, let UNIX and C do the tokenizing). has worked on that a little bit since the weekend.

Geir- working on A(n-1) conjecture. typed up unannotated unlinked bibliography.

Kristin- last week played around with computers with Michael. looking for patterns of different growth rates. Was given the advice that most UNIX shells offer the command "factor" and Maple has "ifactor", both of which factor a number into primes.

Dan- had all of his exams on one day. Brutal.

Joel- hasn't done much over the holiday weekend.

Rachel- found there are no "rigid" pairings of hexagonal DPFLs.

Hal- Explained his proof for the Baxter conjecture. Didn't completely finish, will finish at next meeting.