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  • I'm currently working on flushing out the combinatorial picture of not necessarily perfect matchings of dimer covers with nxm vertices. I'm working with Ilya, Kyle, and John. I've also started looking into matchings for nxm cylinders. I hope to post some of what I've been looking into here soon.
    Here is a link to a modified version of Rui's matching applet that works for mobius strips and cylinders. It reports the total number of perfect and also the total number of not-necessarily perfect matchings. It also reports the total of not-necessarily perfect signed matchings, but I'm not sure the algorithm for this is 100% correct yet. Right now it is also pretty slow - this should be easy to fix but I haven't done so yet.
    We have a rough draft of an article with our results from last semester! Hoping to submit it soon. Here is the most recent draft (as of 2/13/03): pdf dvi ps

    Last updated: November 1, 2002