MATH.4190 Mathematica

Fall 2020

Class Meetings

MATH.4190 Section 201 (SIS # _) meets MW, 3:30-4:45, Classroom: TBA.


Prof. Kenneth M. Levasseur
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Office Hours:

Class Materials


There are no formal prerequisites. All that is needed is an interest learning mathematics through computing. You'll be expected to do a project that builds on some prior math course that you've taken. Note: This project would not satisfy the Senior Seminar requirement for math majors, but could be a good way to explore possible future projects.

The Three Phases of the Course

Phase 1 (Weeks 1 - 5)
Phase 2 (Weeks 6 - 8)
Phase 3 (Weeks 9 - 13)

Topics by Week

See the Blackboard site for this course.