Alice Neel, The Investigation of Poverty at the Russell Sage Foundation, 1933

An Anthology of Multimedia Materials on   Race, Class, Gender & Ethnicity in the U.S.

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The aim of this project is to encourage faculty throughout the UMASS system to contribute to an Internet-based anthology of primary documents on race, class, gender, and ethnicity in the United States.  These documents will include Supreme Court rulings, texts of legislation, political speeches, video clips, sound recordings, historical images, newspaper articles, and other non-copyrighted materials.

Documenting Difference is designed to enhance both face-to-face and online instruction in five basic ways:

  • By showing professors and instructors how effective it can be to incorporate multimedia materials into course outlines and syllabi, this project will demonstrate how information technology can be used to raise important social questions and dramatize historical events. 

  • By calling on faculty from different campuses to add to a collection that will form a common curriculum, the project will stoke a new sense of intellectual community and underscore the institutional identity of UMASS.

  • By promoting the sharing of knowledge and expertise among a diversity of disciplines, the archive will enable professors and instructors to convey ideas across academic concentrations, educational divisions, and geographical boundaries.

  • By gathering compelling texts, images, and audio clips from faculty in many departments, the project will create a rich resource for both online and face-to-face courses in politics, history, gender studies, legal studies, sociology, economics, literature, education, and other fields.

  • By making primary documents on major historical events, political debates, and social issues available to high school and college students, the site will enable UMASS to use its technological and academic resources to benefit major sections of the educational community.

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