Steve Pennell

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Tablelands, Newfoundland

Email address

  (978) 934-2710

Spring 2011 Courses
Engineering Differential Equations

Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

Research Interests


Selected Publications
  1. Golomb, D., and Pennell, S., 2010, “Ocean Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2),” Developments and Innovation in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture and Storage Technology, M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, ed., Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, UK.
  2. Pennell, S., Avitabile, P., and White, J., 2009, “An Engineering-Oriented Approach to the Introductory Differential Equations Course,” PRIMUS 19 (1), 88 - 99.
  3. Golomb, D., Pennell, S.,  Ryan, D., Barry, E., and Swett, P., 2007, “Ocean Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide: Modeling the Deep Ocean Release of a Dense Emulsion of Liquid CO2-in-Water Stabilized by Pulverized Limestone Particles,” Environmental Science and Technology 41, 4698 - 4704.
  4. Inyang, H. I., Rossi, L., Graham-Eagle, J., Pennell, S., and Menezes, G. B. 2007, “Modelling smectite illitization in earthen barriers of buried radioactive wastes,” Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal 2 (2), 87 - 95.
  5. Rossi, L., Inyang, H. I., Graham-Eagle, J. and Pennell, S., 2004, “A model of coupled heat and moisture transport in an annular clay barrier,” Journal of Environmental Engineering 130, 855 – 862.
  6. Hays, M. D.; Ryan, D. K.; and Pennell, S., 2004, “A Modified Multisite Stern-Volmer Equation for the Determination of Conditional Stability Constants and Ligand Concentrations of Soil Fulvic Acid with Metal Ions,” Analytical Chemistry 8, 848 - 854.
  7. Amirfazli, A.; Graham-Eagle, J.; Pennell, S.; and Neumann, A.W., 2000, “Implementation and examination of a new drop shape analysis algorithm to measure contact angle and surface tension from the diameters of two sessile drops,” Colloids And Surfaces A: Physicochemical And Engineering Aspects 161, 63 - 74.
  8. Graham-Eagle, James, and Pennell, Stephen, 2000, “Contact angle calculations from the diameter of sessile drops,” International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 32, 851-861.
  9. Pennell, S., and Graham-Eagle, J., 1999, “Sessile drops on slightly uneven hydrophilic surfaces,” Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly 7 , 283 - 299.
  10. Pennell, C.; Rasmussen, S.; , and Pennell, S., 1996, “Three Applications of Combinatorics to Problems in Immunology,” The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics and its Applications 17, 15 - 24.
  11. Pennell, S., and Mirie, R ., 1994, “On weak, oblique collisions of interfacial solitary waves," Wave Motion 21, 385 - 404.
  12. Mirie, R ., and Pennell, S., 1992, “On weak, oblique collisions of solitary waves,” in Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Systems, Lokenath Debnath, ed., World Scientific Publishing Company.
  13. Pennell, S., and Seitter, K., 1990, “On inertial motion on a rotating sphere,” Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 47, 2032-2034.

Teaching Interests



"We must know; we shall know." David Hilbert

"Circumstances have dumped into my life the excesses of a technological culture: differential equations, a fur hat." Smilla Jasperson, from Smilla's Sense of Snow, by Peter Hψeg

"Despite all that, she was natural. In the way wild animals share qualities with Bach's music: a naturalness where one doesn't dream of changing a single note because it simply cannot be any other way."

Kasper Krone, from The Quiet Girl, by Peter Hψeg



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