Prospective Students

The kind of students that I am looking for:

I am looking for creative, highly-motivated and hard-working students who are interested in the general areas of multi-sensor data fusion and machine intelligence. This line of work is best suited for those who are interested in (a) analytical topics, (b) working with data and/or hardware/instruments, and also (c) programming (your choice, but Matlab and C are staples). In terms of subject areas, sensor fusion research involve signal processing, control systems, statistical signal processing, machine learning, a lot of probability calculi, and systems engineering.

Note: Preference will be given to students with a MS degree in a related area. Students are expected to have received an undergraduate degree that provides the foundation for most of these topics, but exceptions can be made for exceptional students. Just let me know why you think you'd beat the odds and how your background suits what we do. Also, if you have reasonable amount of experience working in a related field, such as robotics, automotive or defense industry and/or you've done military service, please make sure to detail your experience in the context of our research topics.

Your GPA, GRE, etc.:
If you are excited about the research area and interested in working with me:

Thanks in advance for your interest in joining our research group.

Best Regards,
Thanuka Wickramarathne, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, S&H Fusion Research Group
University of Massachusetts Lowell, One University Avenue, Lowell, MA 01854
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