Professor Whitley Kaufman     


                                   Department of Philosophy                                                     DUGAN 200G  (South Campus)            Telephone: 978-934-3913                            

                            University of Massachusetts Lowell                          




CURRENT RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS                              

New book: Human Nature and the Limits of Darwinism (Palgrave Macmillan 2016).

Previous books:


Honor and Revenge: A Theory of Punishment (Springer 2012):


Justified Killing: The Paradox of Self-Defense (Lexington Books 2009).




Policies on Grading, Attendance, Citation of sources:  policies  (Note: all students are responsible for being familiar with these policies).



OFFICE HOURS Spring 2017:  M & W 1:45 - 3:00



Equality, Justice, and the Law            PHIL.3610  


Philosophy of Humor and Comedy  PHIL.3101






Philosophy of the Gothic Imagination      PHIL.3140    

Myth, Ritual, and Festival                PHIL.3740

 Mysticism East and West                   PHIL.3400

Science and Religion                             PHIL.3570

Introduction to Ethics                           PHIL.2030

Introduction to Philosophy                   PHIL.2010 

Environmental Philosophy                   PHIL.3270    

The Problem of Evil                                PHIL.3510 

Philosophy and Film                                  PHIL.3160





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