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26.596 –Plastics, elastomers and additives from renewable resources


This course provides an introduction to plastics, elastomers and additives obtained from renewable resources. Processes that involve conversion (chemically/enzmatically) of naturally occurring precursors (monomers) obtained from renewable resources to plastics and elastomers will be reviewed. Brief discussion of processing, degradation and recycling of these materials will also be included.



26.506 - Polymer Structure Properties & Applications


Relationships between polymer structure (chemical composition, molecular weight and flexibility,

intermolecular order and bonding, supermolecular structure) and practical properties (processability, mechanical, acoustic, thermal, electrical, optical, and chemical) and applications.



26.535 - Rubber Technology


Polymerization and compounding of the commercial elastomers. Properties and test methods. Leading applications and methods of processing.



26.595 - Thermoplastic elastomers


A comprehensive review of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technology. Physical and chemical nature of the various classes of TPE's will be considered with emphasis on mechanical and rheological properties relevant to engineering applications.


Laboratory Classes


26.383 - Polymer Science Lab – I (Synthesis)

26.384 - Polymer Lab – II  (Characterization)

31.251 - Chemistry of Health & the Environment (lab)