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Office: Ball 411

Phone: 978-934-3315


Jay Weitzen's E-mail: jay_weitzen@uml.edu

  Summer 2016 Office Hours:

by Appointment Only

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YouTube Video of Jay Weitzen Dancing in UML Dancing with the Stars





Learn the Rules of Sail Boat Racing


Spring 2016 Class Home Pages:

         16.582/16.418 (EECE 5820) Wireless Communication (Th: 1830-2115), Room: Ball 326, Prereq:16.362,16.363  (or equivalent) 


16.107 (EECE 1070) Introduction to Engineering for ECE (Lecture T: 0930, Room Ball 214)  (Labs T 1 AM -7 PM, Ball 420 and MakerSpace Southwick 101 )

RSADF Special Advanced Electronics Course

Fall 2016 Class Home Pages: (tentative)

           16.107 (EECE 1070) Introduction to Engineering for ECE (Lecture T 0930-1030 TBD)  (Labs T/W/Th Room: MakerSpace Southwick 101)


16.543 (EECE 5430) Theory of Communication (Th: 1830-2115),TBD , Prereq:16.362,16.363 or equivalent

Spring 2017 Class Home Pages: (tentative)

16.548 Information Theory, Coding (Th: 1830-2115), TBA ,Prerequisites: permission of instructor:

  16.582/16.418 Wireless Communication (Tu: 1830-2115), Room: TBA, Prereq:16.362,16.363  (or equivalent)