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 UMass Lowell Forensic Geology Course  Home page for 89.215 Forensic Geology offered at UML.
 Science in the Courtroom  Scott Bair's course at Ohio State that reenacts the Woburn, MA, toxics case. 
 Denver GSA 2007  Forensic Geology session - oral presentations
 Philadelphia GSA 2006 (1)  Forensic Geology session - oral presentations
 Philadelphia GSA 2006 (2)  Several forensic geology papers - poster session
 NE GSA 2006  Forensic Geology session - oral presentations
 Other Forensic Sites:  
Guide to Crime Scene Investigations  A very diverse web site. Topics include crime scene response, evidence collection, forensic photography, forensic articles and books, and career guides.   
 Crime and Clues  An eclectic web site that contains information on all aspects of forensic science. Of particular interest, under physical evidence, is a discussion of palynology. Includes numerous case studies.  Forensic Geology news, publications and case histories. Website sponsored by MicroTrace LLC.
 GeolSoc Forensic Geology  Geological Society of London Forensic Geology working group. Forensic Geology in the UK. Meetings, contacts, resources.
 Ray Murray's Forensic Geology website  Website maintained by Ray Murray, the author of the first book on Forensic Geology.
 Sarah Andrews  Geologist/author who writes mysteries incorporating forensic geology.
 Toni Dwiggins  Author of Forensic Geology series.
 Forensic Geology Case Studies  Examples of the use of Forensic Geology in solving crimes.
 Forensic Geology in Military/Intelligence Operations  Brief description of Forensic Geology and case studies.
 Forensic and Criminal Justice Resource Guide  A list of sites that provide educational and career information.
 Forensic Nursing Careers  Describes career opportunities for nurses who are interested in applying their expertise to forensic investigations.