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Oriental and American Stove Works, Perry & Co
New York: The Van Benthuysen Printing House, 1874 (Smithsonian Institution).

Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration (Smithsonian Institution).

Incandescent light bulb: history, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bernard Finn, "A Brilliant Achievement, "  Electric Perspectives  (September/October 2004). (.pdf)

Amy Friedlander, abstract, Power and Light: Electricity in the U.S. Energy Infrastructure, 1870-1940, 1996.

The Emergence of Electrical Utilities in America (Smithsonian Institution)



HEARTH: Home Economics Archive (Cornell University Library) Subject: Food & Nutrition (essay | bibliography - 165kb PDF file)

Culinary Arts (Imagination), American Treasures of The Library of Congress.

Food Consumer Price Index -Prices and Expenditures - Food at Home, 1869-2005, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Christine Frederick, Meals that Cook Themselves and Cut the Costs (New Haven, Conn. : Sentinel Manufacturing Co., c1915).

Advertising Cookbooks, The Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920, John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Marketing, and Advertising History.


Thomas H. White, "Broadcasting Becomes Widespread, 1922-1923," United States Early Radio History.

Louis J. Heath, "The Romance of the Radiophone," The Home Magazine, 1922.

Tom Farley's Telephone History Series,, 1998-2006.

"Rescue for the Home," New York Times, January 12, 1927 [editorial on the invention of television].



The History of Household Technology with Constance Carter, Journeys and Crossings, Library of Congress.

History of Household Technology, Science Tracer Bullets Online, Library of Congress.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century: Home Appliances, National Academy of Engineering.

Grace Rodgers Cooper, The Sewing Machine: Its Invention and Development, digital edition, Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

Loretta Lorance, "Promises, Promises: The Allure of Household Appliances in the 1920's," PART Magazine, Spring 1998.


Canada Museum of Science & Technology: Washing Machines

The Cyber Toaster Museum          The Cyberspace Vacuum Cleaner Museum

The Virtual Museum of Telecommunications

GALLERY: Doing the Wash, 1870-1930

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