Ye Tian, Wenhui Wang, Nan Wu, Xiaotian Zou and Xingwei Wang "Tapered Optical Fiber Sensor for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecules", Sensors 2011, was selected as the 2nd prize of " Sensors 2011, was selected as the 2nd prize of "Sensors Best Paper Award 2015" in the Article papers group.Best Paper Award 2015" in the Article papers group.

Ye Tian, Completed Ph.D. defense, "Numerical simulations and a novel fabrication approach for fiber-optic ultrasound generators", 11/18/2013.

Xiaotian Zou, Completed Ph.D. defense, "Novel diagnostics technology with photoacoustic fiber optic transducers", 9/17/2013.

Our work on protecting soldiers’ heads by undergraduate student Yang Zhang, postdoctoral fellow Nan Wu, and doctoral candidates Xiaotian Zou and Ye Tian presented during the 16th annual Student Research and Community Engagement Symposium was recognized by UML Public Affairs (News, May 2013).

Ph.D. student Xiaotian Zou has been awarded 2013 Outstanding Graduate Student in the Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Program of UML (April 2013).

Yang Zhang received an Award of Honorable Mention from the Council on Undergraduate Research. His recent research (Ultra-fast Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor(s) for Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention) was recognized as high quality and amongst the top ten percent of submissions for consideration for CUR's Posters on the Hill (News, March 2013).

We have one or two position(s) available for PhD graduate research assistant(s) starting immediately. The research areas involve novel optical fiber sensor design and testing for biomedical and industrial applications as well as photoacoustic sensor development (details).

Ph.D. students Ye Tian and Xiaotian Zou acquired Professional Development Awards from Graduate Student Association of UMass Lowell (Nov. 2012).

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Two patents UML 09-07 and UML 08-09 are under process of patent application. Please feel free to contact for more information about licensing or collaboration.