About the UML Student Team Solution

The UMass Lowell Student Team conceived the GoJuice idea -- an "on-the-go" charging station concept for cellular phone charging in high traffic, urban and suburban areas.

The GoJuice System

The details of the technical design and business plan can be seen in the project portfolio:

GoJuice Project Portfolio (PDF)

To see an online version of the GoJuice Kiosk interface click on the image below:

GoJuice Interface Website

Below is a photo of the UML team members that travelled to Las Vegas for the competition.

The UML GoJuice team in LAs Vegas.

Figure: The UML team members at the CWC in Las Vegas. From left to right (back row) Prof. C.Hansen, M. Dube, J.Chung, E.Sjöberg, I. Grullon, D.Kennedy, M.Riley, Prof. S. Johnston, J.Patel, A.Andino, D.Phung, Prof. D.Willis (front row) A.Sampaio, P.Patel, M.Shaefer, D.DiBattista (not shown) P.Logan, P.Jones, K.Morrissey, E.Anderson, B.LeBeouf, G.Lennartz, C.Daly. (Photo Source: NREL/DOE).